Can You Eat with Invisalign?

People often ask if they can eat with Invisalign. The answer is yes, but only after removing the tray aligners. Invisalign® has many advantages over braces. One of the favorites is that the trays are removable for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene. Although you cannot eat while wearing the tray aligners, there are no dietary restrictions because you remove them to eat.

Oops — What If You Accidentally Eat with Invisalign?

What happens if you accidentally forget you are wearing your tray aligners? Likely nothing. The durable trays are made with SmartTrack® material which can withstand quite a bit. If you accidentally eat with Invisalign, simply remove them and clean them as soon as you realize it. Check them for damage and contact Galloro Dental Group if you notice any damage.

Although the tray aligners are quite sturdy, they are still subject to staining. Drinking dark liquids such as wine, coffee, and teas may stain your aligners. This will make them more visible. Additionally, drinking with your aligners (other than water) can cause fluids to get trapped inside the trays. This can accelerate tooth decay.

Our mouths produce saliva which constantly flushes and cleanses the foods we eat and drink. When you drink wearing your trays, that liquid stays trapped within the trays against your teeth. That creates a ripe breeding ground for bacteria growth.

If you accidentally drink while wearing your aligners, remove them and clean them and brush your teeth as soon as possible.

Dietary Modifications You Might Need

While in treatment, you will switch to a new set of tray aligners approximately every two weeks as your teeth shift into their new positions. When you first switch trays, you may experience a bit of discomfort as your teeth are pushed into alignment. This should only last a day or two with every tray replacement.

While your teeth are adjusting, they may feel a little tender, sore, and even slightly loose. Switching to a softer diet will make eating much easier. Things like smoothies, yogurts, and other soft foods may be easier than chewing on a steak.Although there are no defined dietary restrictions with Invisalign, modifying your diet may make your treatment more comfortable during new tray adjustment periods. Although there are no defined dietary restrictions with Invisalign, modifying your diet may make your treatment more comfortable during new tray adjustment periods.

Oral Hygiene and Caring for Your Tray Aligners

You already know how important oral hygiene is, but it is even more important when you are using Invisalign. Leaving food particles on your teeth while wearing your tray aligners can cause tooth decay to move faster. You may need to alter some of your oral hygiene practices slightly.

When you remove your trays, you should rinse saliva residue off the trays before placing them in the storage case. If you can brush them quickly with a soft-bristled toothbrush under running water that is even better. After meals, you should brush your teeth before replacing your trays. Additionally, you should soak, or deep clean, your trays nightly.

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