Invisalign Specialist in Toronto

With Dr. Galloro’s years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, you can have confidence that you will get the results you desire. In addition to our strong reputation, we have a wonderful and friendly team who can make each dental visit a fantastic experience.

Affordable Invisalign Providers in Toronto

One of the most common questions people ask when considering Invisalign is “How much is Invisalign in Toronto?” If you believe they come with a steep price tag, think again! Galloro Dental Group is a Diamond Plus Provider of Invisalign. We have the luxury to offer our services at reduced rates.

At Galloro Dental Group, we focus on creating and maintaining beautiful, healthy smiles for life. Perfect-looking teeth don’t have to be expensive. Our dental clinic provides you with excellent Invisalign treatment in Toronto at an affordable price. We meet your price point to help you achieve the kind of smile you have always dreamed of. We also take insurance to cover your Invisalign teeth alignment.

Dr. Galloro understands the importance of having properly aligned teeth for that confident smile. We strive to provide a cost-effective and premier quality orthodontic treatment that meets each patient’s needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Propel Orthodontics™

Our in-office Propel™ procedure utilizes Micro-Osteo Perforation™ (MOPs). This university-developed technique uses proven technology and an innovative micro-invasive delivery to accelerate treatment. This quick procedure and is usually only done once at the beginning of treatment.We also offer an alternate, at-home device: the VPro™ is a high frequency vibration device proven to move teeth faster. And get this, you only have to use it for five minutes per day!

Digital Dentistry

A New Wave of Dentistry is here.

Gone are the days of goopy, sticky impressions. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the latest technology for easy, convenient treatment.

We proudly offer the first hybrid imaging system that simultaneously records 3D, colour and NIRI images. We digitally scan your mouth, making dental impressions a thing of the past. Procedures like Invisalign®, sports guards and crowns are quick, precise and effective. we can order retainers and wires with this device.