Emergency Dental Clinic in Toronto

You never know when dental emergencies might occur. Whether you woke up to searing tooth pain in the middle of the night or suffered a mouth injury during the day, call Galloro Dental Group.

Emergency Dental Services are Just A Call Away.

If you find yourself in an accident, suffered an injury to your mouth, or are experiencing sudden tooth pain, head to our emergency dental clinic immediately. Pain and trauma to the teeth can have a negative impact on your oral health if you fail to get help immediately.

While our Toronto dentists are not available 24/7, we are equipped to deal with certain emergencies. We offer help and advise you what to do if they are experiencing a dental emergency, and try our best to rearrange our schedule to accommodate you, if possible, within our clinic hours.

Tooth loss doesn’t only cause discomfort; it can interfere with your teeth function as well. Losing one or multiple teeth can also affect your overall appearance. Damage to dental work also requires prompt intervention from your dentist.

Call Our Office If You're Experiencing:

Extreme Oral Pain
Cracked Tooth
Severe Tooth Decay
Dental Abscess
Lost Filling