Smile Makeover in Toronto

Dr. Galloro’s Cosmetic Dentistry patients report that their smile makeovers have made them feel more confident, changed their outlook, made them more ready to smile and even resulted in career advancement.

Perfect Your Smile

When you look at Dr. Galloro’s Cosmetic Dentistry cases below, you’ll notice how much more relaxed each patient’s face is in the “after” photos. That’s because they feel more comfortable with their own smile – less guarded, more outgoing. Cosmetic Dentistry makes the difference.

Restore Your Smile With Combined Treatments

Often patients who come to see Dr. Galloro may have a clinical situation where more than one type of treatment is needed to provide optimal results for both beauty and long-term successful function.

Dr. Galloro is a strong believer that a short cut to treatment is not always the best route to take. Many of Dr. Galloro’s patients are people who have previously taken the short cut to a nicer smile and have experienced either dissatisfaction with their results or that the work may not be as long lasting as anticipated. These people may be experiencing a host of problems from chipping, breakage, discolouration, or even jaw problems.

For many of these patients, the best place to start is with aligning the teeth into their ideal positions with respect to their bite and appearance prior to restoring these teeth with veneers, crowns or implants. Re-aligning the teeth can be accomplished with either Invisalign (“invisable”) braces or regular brackets and wires depending on the clinical situation. Re-alignment of the teeth will also help to improve the strength of the individual teeth as they will not require extensive preparation to create the illusion of correct tooth positioning.

While these combined therapies may increase treatment time, they will also significantly extend the life of the teeth and restorations with far fewer future problems or complications. For these patients, the level of satisfaction at the conclusion of their treatment is the highest possible.

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