How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Invisalign® is one of the greatest inventions in modern dentistry. It truly elevated the art and science of orthodontics. It solved almost every problem related to traditional braces, including the one thing that probably turns people off from braces: the lengthy treatment time. But in truth: How long does Invisalign take to work? When can I begin to see the results? Is it the best option for me? Find out all that and more when you read on.

What is Invisalign?

On the off chance that you haven’t heard about Invisalign® yet, We are here to explain what it is and how it works. Invisalign is a marvel of the world of orthodontics since it has no brackets, no wires, no colourful round elastics, and nothing attached to the surface of the teeth. The system consists of several plastic moulds called aligners. The aligners are invisible and worn to fit snugly on the outer surface of the teeth. To all observers, you are wearing nothing on your teeth, while the aligners apply just the right amount of pressure in just the right direction to move the teeth to the desired location.

Invisalign Vs. Traditional braces: Which Is Better?

Every type of braces indeed has something to offer, but Invisalign® has it all. Here is what you can expect when you choose Invisalign:

How does it look:
One word: Invisible. No one can even know you are wearing anything on the teeth surface. The tight fit coupled with the transparent mould makes for a very pleasant view. In addition – unlike all other types of fixed braces – the aligners can be removed at will. If you have an occasion such as a wedding or a graduation party, you can just leave the aligners at home, not that you would need to.

How does it feel:
The comfort of Invisalign is on another level. The brackets and wires of traditional braces constantly cut and scrape against the lips and cheeks, causing uncomfortable bruises and ulcers. Invisalign aligners are made of highly polished plastic. No sharp edges and no wires mean no scraping and very high comfort throughout the treatment period.

How accurate are the results:
Invisalign is made entirely using high-end and very accurate computers. From the scanning part to the treatment planning, and even the fabrication of the aligners are all made with the help of computers. With virtually no chances of human errors, the accuracy of Invisalign is extremely reliable.

How Long Does Invisalign Take To Straighten Teeth?

There is no single answer for how long does Invisalign take. Every case is different, each with its own circumstances and requirements. However, we can confidently say that the treatment time of Invisalign® is shorter than fixed braces for the same case. If a case takes about 1.5 years with traditional braces, it could take less than a year with Invisalign. It all comes down to the accuracy of computers, able to calculate to the millimetres the exact amount of movement and pressure needed to complete the case.

Here are some estimates of how long Invisalign takes to fix some cases:

Gapped teeth:
Usually, the quickest to be fixed. When you have spaces between your teeth (regardless of if you were born with them or they were created later through lost teeth), the resistance from the bones is minimal, and so the movement is pretty quick. On average, spacing cases take less than a year to complete.

Crowded teeth:
The majority of people requiring braces suffer from crowding. Crowding happens when your jaws are too small for your teeth. During treatment, the orthodontist must create space to arrange the teeth in their proper place, and that space creation usually takes a bit more time. Simple crowding can take 12 to 14 months, while more complex crowding cases can take up to 18 months to treat.

Overbites, underbites, and jaw size mismatch:
In some cases, Invisalign is not the best option for you. In cases where the upper jaw is bigger than the lower – or vice versa – or when you have significant overbite or underbite, traditional braces with or without surgery may be needed. However, if your orthodontist deems Invisalign to be a proper choice, then it can take more than 18 months to complete such complicated cases.

Another factor to consider when contemplating how long does Invisalign take is age. Invisalign® is suitable for anyone aged 12 and up since all the adult teeth have come in at that age. However, if you start at a young age, you are more likely to finish faster than if you delay your treatment. When you’re young, your bones are more malleable and adapt to changes easier. This means that the teeth’ movement through the bones is faster and smoother.

How To Speed Up Invisalign Treatment

When you decide to get braces, you must know you’re in for the long game. Unlike other dental procedures such as fillings and crowns, whose results you can see immediately, the effect of braces doesn’t show up until the end of the treatment. While there is nothing you can really do to speed up the treatment, here are some pieces of advice so that the treatment doesn’t take longer than usual:

Wear your aligners all the time:
The greatest benefit of aligners is also its greatest drawback. Yes, you can remove it at will, adding comfort and making the appearance great, but if you don’t wear them often, you won’t see any progress. So make sure you wear them all the time except at mealtimes.

Stick to the changing schedule:
Invisalign doesn’t require many visits to the orthodontist, but it requires more work from you in keeping up with your treatment. Each aligner is worn for a specific period of time and has to be changed afterward. Be sure to keep up with the schedule for faster results.

Patience is a virtue:
Unlike fillings or crowns whose results you can see immediately, it takes a bit of time for any type of braces – including Invisalign – to show results.

Invisalign in Toronto

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