Icon Spot Treatment

Our smiles are often the first thing people notice about us. Having a great smile is a common compliment. We all have insecurities, but our smiles shouldn’t be one of them. If you have white spots caused by fluorosis it can make you feel self-conscious. Bleaching or tooth whitening procedures will not always not remove them. But Icon Spot Treatment may be the solution.

Gallaro Dental offers Icon as well as a variety of other holistic approaches to dental care. We are right here in Toronto and our expert staff is well-versed in all kinds of cosmetic dentistry, in addition to traditional dentistry. So if fluorosis is bothering you, or if you have any other dental needs, Gallaro Dental can assist you.


Fluorosis develops before 8 years of age and is the result of over-exposure to fluoride as a child when your adult teeth are developing. Primarily, it is a cosmetic condition and does not affect tooth health. In some cases it actually makes your teeth more resistant to cavities. No matter how well you take care of your teeth now, fluorosis isn’t caused by improper care as an adult.

While keeping your teeth healthy is still important, it won’t fix those white spots or streaks. Fluorosis is diagnosed via a visual inspection by your dentist. If they determine that you do have fluorosis, there is a number of cosmetic treatments that they can recommend.

Icon Spot Treatment

Icon uses a minimally invasive process to remove the appearance of white spots on your teeth. This treatment starts with an etching gel, then an application of liquid resin will penetrate into the porous tissue of your teeth. After which, it will cure under a light. Once cured the resin reflects light similarly to how your natural enamel would and masks the appearance of the white spots.

The benefits of this procedure is that it does not require an anesthetic or any drilling of the tooth’s surface. This results in no damage to the teeth. Additionally, it usually only requires one office visit. Many dentists recommend Icon for those in which bleaching alone would not address the cosmetic issue.

Dentist Near You

Improving your smile is not so far away. Gallaro Dental, with two offices, right here in Toronto, is a leader in holistic dental care and utilizing Icon spot treatment to reduce the appearance of tooth discoloration. Video consultations are also available. Please contact us today to discuss your cosmetic dental concerns. Call our Summerhill office at (416) 483-9600, or for our Don Mills office call us at (416) 907-5888