Cost of Invisalign in Toronto

The cost of Invisalign in Toronto is subject to a lot of different factors. Though in recent years Invisalign costs have aligned more closely with those of traditional braces that include metal wires and brackets. Meeting with and discussing your treatment with an orthodontist is the first step in helping to determine cost.

Gallaro Dental Group is an Invisalign Diamond provider, meaning that we are in the top 1% off all providers. Our compassionate approach to dental health, in combination with conservative treatment plans, allows us to provide exceptional care at reasonable rates.

Developing a Treatment Plan

Meeting with your orthodontist so they can do a digital scan of your teeth is the first step. Your orthodontist will discuss with you your treatment options and whether Invisalign is the right choice. At this appointment they will also discuss any other dental concerns that may need to be addressed prior to proceeding with Invisalign, such as filling cavities or pulling any teeth.


Once a treatment plan is in place, your orthodontist will provide a series of Invisalign clear aligners. Usually you are expected to change aligners every two weeks during the duration of your treatment. Most treatments last about 18 months, though some patients see improvement within weeks. Patients should wear their aligners 20-22 hours a day. Also, during your treatment you will periodically check in with your orthodontist to make sure everything is proceeding accordingly.

Cost Considerations

The cost of your treatment is subject to quite a few factors. Your orthodontist will discuss the cost during your appointment, but some things that will affect the cost are length of treatment, any other dental concerns, and if you have insurance. Insurance being a major consideration. Some insurances will cover your treatment completely, while others may cover only a small portion. Contacting your insurance provider in advance will provide more information.

Cost of Invisalign in Toronto

As mentioned previously, insurance and other considerations will determine overall cost. To determine the actual cost of your treatment you will need to make an appointment to discuss your options with an orthodontist. Choose your orthodontist carefully, you want to make sure they are an Invisalign provider with multiple years of experience in Invisalign procedures. After all, your smile is often the first thing people notice about you and you want to make sure yours is exceptional.

Gallaro Dental Group has a team of professional and amazing orthodontists. Considered in the top 1% of Invisalign providers, they are waiting for your call today. Our Summerhill offices can be reached at (416) 483 – 9600 and our Don Mills office at (416) 907 –5888.