Invisalign Near Me

Braces can cause embarrassment, especially in adults. Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces that doesn’t draw attention to the teeth straightening process. Invisalign is a set of clear aligners you wear with the intention of straightening your teeth. When searching for “invisalign near me”, Gallaro Dental in Toronto is available for your teeth straightening needs.


Invisalign corrects a variety of bite and asymmetrical teeth growth. The orthodontist begins by doing a scan of your teeth most like using an infrared scanner. The orthodontist will create a series of molds using SmartTrack material. These aligners are created specifically for you and your treatment plan. The orthodontist will trim the aligners at your gum line to ensure a comfortable fit. Typically, you change aligner sets every two weeks during your treatment for about 18 months, though it may be longer.


Invisalign offers a low profile choice to correct your teeth. It is removable so that you can eat, smile, and clean your teeth without worry. Unlike traditional braces, there aren’t any foods that are prohibited because you remove the retainers when you eat. Individuals who play contact sports won’t have to worry about mouth pain from cuts caused by metal wires and brackets. You want to make sure you brush your teeth after each meal before putting your aligners on again. Also, before bed. The aligners cover your teeth disallowing saliva that helps to keep bacteria from developing. This bacteria can cause bad breath, tooth decay, and potentially gum disease. This makes it very important to clean your teeth frequently.

Invisalign Near Me

Looking for an orthodontist can be difficult, especially one who specializes in Invisalign. Gallaro Dental is a Diamond Plus Provider allowing us to offer reasonable rates. We commit to providing excellent orthodontic care. Offering remote appointments for follow-up and follow CDC guidelines to safely treat you in the office. Contact us today at (416) 483-9600 to schedule your appointment.