Why You Need Regular Dental Cleanings

As your dentist will tell you, it’s a good idea to visit at least twice a year for an oral checkup. Dental appointments are golden opportunities to give your teeth a professional cleaning.

If you’ve been following your dentist’s advice, brushing and flossing twice a day should be the norm. However, it also pays to schedule dental cleanings to give your teeth some more in-depth care. These dental cleanings aren’t just good for your smile; they also play a major role in helping you maintain good overall health.

Here’s a list of additional benefits of teeth cleaning to give you all the more incentive to visit your dentist

Provides a more thorough clean

Brushing and flossing twice a day is integral to oral health, but even regular cleaning has its limits. In the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, plaque tends to build up over time. Once they build up enough, these deposits can only be removed with professional help.

Professional cleaning is key to removing those deposits before they can wear away the teeth and cause cavities. Your dentist can access those places you normally can’t reach yourself and remove plaque deposits. Dental cleanings are also a great way to counterattack tooth discolouration. Over time, certain foods (e.g. coffee and wine) can stain the teeth. Many dental clinics offer tooth whitening and cleaning services, giving you the chance to remove those stains and restore your teeth’s lustre.

Boosts overall health

Regular teeth cleanings are good for your oral health, but they also offer some benefits for your health in general. Recent studies have noticed connections between poor oral hygiene and other health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Regular dental cleaning can prove a considerable help in lowering the risk of developing these health risks yourself. As a bonus, some of these diseases can be detected early through dental checkups or oral X-rays, giving you a chance of early warning.

Controls bad breath

In many cases, the root cause of bad breath is an issue with the mouth. Many of the germs left in your mouth are responsible for foul smells. Good oral hygiene is one of the most effective methods for removing bacteria and preventing bad breath, but dental cleaning takes it to the next level.

Regular cleaning helps eliminate germs more thoroughly, leaving your mouth cleaner and your breath fresher. Bad breath may also be caused by other health issues (e.g. dry mouth, acid reflux, or oral infection). A trip to the dentist can detect any problems and help you take the first steps toward a solution.

Provides safe cleaning

One common dental myth among many patients is that dental cleaning can damage teeth. Scraping sounds and sensations are common during cleaning, but the process is a safe one. These sounds and feelings may be unnerving, but they’re not an indicator that any harm is being done to the teeth.

Some patients also report sensitive teeth after a dental cleaning; this too is normal. That feeling is the result of areas of the teeth being exposed after the plaque has been removed. The truth is that there aren’t really any disadvantages to teeth cleaning. Take advantage of these meetings with the dentist for a more in-depth clean.

Helps avoid tooth loss

One major cause of tooth loss, especially in adults, is gum disease. Gum disease often begins with untreated plaque, which can cause infections that can spread to the gums and jaw. Once gum disease spreads far enough, it can affect the jawbone, leading to the teeth loosening and eventually falling out. Early detection is key to preventing gum disease and any accompanying tooth loss.

Visiting your dentist can give you some early warning and avoid health complications. Dental cleaning also supplements your regular brushing and flossing. Make an appointment with your dentist often to deal with stubborn plaque buildup and keep your mouth healthy.

Detects issues with the neck and jaw

Dealing with your oral health isn’t the only task dentists perform. They also do checkups on related areas of the body. During an appointment for cleaning, your dentist also examines the neck, jaw, and lymph nodes for any signs of abnormalities. Swollen lymph nodes are a particular cause for concern, as they typically indicate infection. In case of any issues, your dentist can detect them and bring them to your attention. This is key to getting early treatment and getting the proper care before an infection has a chance to get worse.

Dentists can also keep an eye out for conditions like TMJ. Neck pain is a common symptom of TMJ, along with headaches and difficulty opening and closing the jaws. Once detected, your dentist can provide solutions like orthodontics and night-time mouth guards.

Offers early cancer screening

Visits to the dentist also include inspections for cancer, especially in the case of older patients. Dentists are trained to identify and diagnose oral cancer, and perform visual checks for any abnormalities (e.g. white or red spots in the mouth or wounds that aren’t healing) with every visit.

Oral cancer is a serious complication; visiting the dentist for dental checkups and cleaning is a must for early detection of any telltale symptoms. Recognizing cancer in its early stages is critical to ease of treatment and maximizing the chance of recovery.

Helps save money

Dealing with health issues can often put a dent in your wallet. Aside from the cost of treatment, operations like filling cavities or getting a root canal also require your time, which can pull you away from your normal routine. Regular dental cleanings are a great way to prevent additional expenses. These cleanings can help you take better care of your teeth, minimizing the chances of developing any complications that will require more time and money.

In case of certain health issues, dental checkups and cleaning can also provide some early warning, allowing you to take action before an infection has time to set in. Think of regular teeth cleanings as an investment in your oral health

Provides education opportunities

Another task dentists carry out for patients is helping educate them on better oral care and hygiene. For many patients, this more typically applies to pediatric dentistry, but it also applies to adults. Dental cleanings are a great way to get some feedback from your dentist on your cleaning technique, allowing you to take better care of your teeth and gums once you get home.

Many patients may also have specific issues like sensitive teeth or may need additional services like cosmetic dentistry. Dental appointments are an excellent way to get some professional advice to help deal with any problems. Take advantage of these dental appointments to get some insights into oral health that you may not have discovered on your own.

Dental Cleaning in Toronto

The benefits of a good dental cleaning can last long after you’ve left the dentist’s office. Dental cleanings are not only a way to help your teeth look their best; they’re also a way to stay on top of your oral health. These benefits underscore the importance of professional dental cleanings that give your teeth and gums the TLC they deserve.

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